Research projects

My research is interdisciplinary and follows the paradigm of theoretically based empirical research. I am interested in the meaning, determinants, and consequences of social identities, especially national/ethnic identity as well as party identification. I also analyze the effects of other determinants (e.g. political knowledge, social norms, personality, negative voting) on (comparative) electoral behaviour. Furthermore, my research interests also lie in the field of Science Studies.

Currently I am working on these topics (** under review, * in preparation):

Determinants of voting behaviour

  • Transnational voting of Turkish voters in Germany* (with Achim Goerres and Dennis C. Spies)
  • Activation trajectories of party identificiation amongst voters with and without migrations background (with Achim Goerres and Jonas Köhler)

Social identity and intergroup conflicts

  • The psychological bases of negative party identification*
  • The conceptual division between negative partisanship and affective polarization** (with Luana Russo)
  • Measuring negative partisanship in multi-party systems* (with Luana Russo)
  • What factors relate (specifically) to anti-Asian Racism?*
  • Political institutions and types of integration** (with Stephanie Müssig)

(Political) Methodology

Social inequality (not only in science)