Research projects

My research is interdisciplinary and follows the paradigm of theoretically based empirical research. I am interested in the meaning, determinants, and consequences of social identities, especially national/ethnic identity as well as party identification. I also analyze the effects of other determinants (e.g. political knowledge, social norms, personality) on (comparative) electoral behaviour. Furthermore, my research interests also lie in the field of Science Studies. Here, I focus on conceptions of authorship and determinants of research productivity.

On-going Research Projects (papers in preparation or under review)

  • Social identity and out-group hostility among immigrant-origin citizens (with Hayfat Hamidou)
  • Types of integration and their relationship with party identification (with Stephanie Müssig)
  • Determinants of party choice among migrants (with Achim Goerres and Dennis C. Spies)
  • Right populist party support among Russian Germans (with Achim Goerres and Dennis C. Spies)
  • Transnational voting of Turkish voters in Germany (with Achim Goerres and Dennis C. Spies)
  • Interviewer effects on political knowledge (with David Johann)
  • Topicality of the GREENS‘ bill proposals over time (with Jasmin Fitzpatrick)
  • The political consequences of perceived discrimination